Sell your property FASTER and MORE EXPENSIVE.


#A furnished house sells much better (faster) than a house where residents have already left and is soulless left behind. Potential buyers will have to imagine everything themselves and that is not easy for a lot of people. Any estimator for the mortgage is a person, and will evaluate a perfectly restyled home more positive-more expensive.


A few (free) tips:


#Make sure that your House stands out.

Make very professional photos. After all, in a few seconds a potential buyer decides on the internet whether your home interests him or not. The sale of your real estate is being decided in only one click.


#In 90% of cases, a potential buyer (unconsciously) decides within the first minute to whether or not to buy a real estate.

Feel good plays a crucial role in this.The first impression is of capital importance.


#Good riddance.

Before they buy a home, potential buyers drive by a number of times, so a neat garden, terrace or balcony and a great atmosphere provide the right look. Make sure all clutter and dirt is away. This gives the potential buyer a spacious feel and also shows that the home was nicely maintained.


#Keep it neutral

everyone has their individuality and personal taste.Let the potential buyer already dream what it would be like if he would live there.


#Clear functions of the spaces

keep it obvious, so that the potential buyer sees the possibilities of each space.To create a spatial effect in the living room remove furniture in front of the window so that the viewer can watch and enjoy the outside view. The bathroom needs a fresh hotel (wellness) look to obtain a greater effect.



a human is a biological being and our biorhythms is determined by daylight. When there is insufficient daylight we need artificial light. Take into account basic light, task lighting and mood lighting. An interior stands or falls with the choice of lighting.



all our senses help us to make choices. Smells bring you into a certain mood. It is better to surround you with scents that evoke an association with nice atmosphere, cosiness and security.