• Herwig Hostens

Tom Dixon Industrial Landscape carpet collection - a design collaboration with ege carpets

The Urge to Explore Space

What is a room?

What constitutes the firmament of the space in which we spend our lives? How do people interact with their surroundings and how do our surroundings affect the way we interact with each other? These are the questions, among many others, we feel obliged to ask at ege, Europe’s most modern carpet manufacturer. As trendsetters and market leaders within flooring solutions, we dare to push the boundaries and explore the space of human beings. We want to go further. Always. Because there is no adventure in doing what you have always done. If you go from the known to the known, you’re going nowhere. Man needs the unknown. Man needs the urge to explore. Look around: there is plenty to explore. It’s all about perspective. Some see a simple room, at ege, we see endless possibilities of turning an interior space into an effective setting for the range of human activities. All it takes is the courage to follow the curiosity, dwelling at the core of man. The courage to follow the urge.

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