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Few minutes to set up this comfortable lounge chair

The ergonomically curved shape is the main characteristic of the lounger KOII and thanks to comfortable cushions it invites everybody to stay for a while. The master carpenter and designer Sascha Akkermann created this piece of furniture from high quality laminated wood in birch, covered with PVC-truck tarpaulin which gives the lounger KII not only a unique naturalness but also makes it especially resistant against environment influences. Once again Sascha Ackermann proved his focus on furniture and interior decoration: The lounger KOII with its even shape can be set up in a few steps and also be taken down very fast. The mat is built up with the two included tensioning ropes with beech balls at the end, and can be rolled together when not used. Since KOII is available in many colours from cream white, light grey and anthracite to the luminous colours zinc yellow, light blue and carmine the lounger optically adapts to all surrounding

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